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Launch of new homeworker BD support service

For 17 years Progress Marketing have been delivering business development support to professional services firms. This has traditionally taken the guise of team meetings or 1-1’s helping individuals:

  • define and articulate their proposition
  • grow their target networks
  • create engaging and influencing content
  • maintain strong intermediary contacts
  • increase conversions

Obviously recent events have changed the working landscape, your fee earners are now presumably firmly ensconced at home. The challenge now is to keep them positive and productive. They need to feel supported, motivated and with a clear plan. Doing the day job shouldn’t be too difficult for them, delivering centralised training should also be achievable but the business development side of things is not often something that comes naturally to all lawyers and accountants.

That’s where we come in, we can “drop-in” virtually on a 1-1 or team basis, help set their individual BD priorities for the next 14 days, give them structure and tasks, check they have all the knowledge they need, LinkedIn training etc and also ask about their well-being and flag any issues to HR. We have the advantage of being impartial and not seem like we are checking up on them. From their perspective their employer is offering support through challenging times.

Homeworker Business Development Coach

Initial free consultation with head of BD to define and scope objectives

The service is delivered through Zoom video conferencing.

Half hour meeting every 14 days

Cost: £75 per person

Please contact Lisa Lister 0787 9820725

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