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Customer Experience

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Client Experience Programmes

Client experience programmes in many sectors have only recently risen to the top of the agenda in the boardroom. At Progress Marketing we work with our clients on a range of initiatives and elements of the client experience programme are incorporated.

Stage 1:

Visioning exercise with the board
Defined commercial landscapes including financial and reputational targets and objectives
Internal communications plan to communicate this to the heads of department.

Stage 2:

Values and client experience workshops with employees

Moments of truth
Client journey plotting
Values footprint

Stage 3:

Commissioned research
Client focus groups
Mystery shopper experience
Customer feedback
Employee survey relating to values

Stage 4:

Viability studies
Schedule of changes including process, automation, behavioural and client interactions

Stage 5:

Automation and personalisation
Client journey touch points prioritised
Training programmes
Visuals etc to embed into culture

Stage 6:

Feedback and metrics
KPIs set
Created ‘Client Service Champions’
Reporting mechanisms
Leveraging feedback online through various platforms
Internal and external PR
Awards and industry accolades
Emphasis from board of metrics related to client experience


Cross silo approach

Link to HR:

Internal values embedded at recruitment, induction, training schedule, appraisals and reward and recognition programmes
Employee engagement programme

Link to Marketing and Comms:

Brand values linked to internal values
Messaging and tone of voice across all platforms

Link to digital:

Online experience
Integration of automation
Statistics and analysis

Market Strategy

Our focus is to help you maximise profits

Client Journey

Understanding and optimising touchpoints

Growth Analysis

Benchmarking and ROI

Service overview

Detailed analysis of client journeys and mapping of customer experience can provide a blueprint to significantly improve business performance

  • Customer research
  • Brand value optimisation
  • Feasibiity studies
  • Implementation

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