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Growth Planning

Creating plans for growth

Working with the board, Progress Marketing conduct a 3-5 year growth planning initiative using a strategic visioning approach.

Stage 1:

Areas considered include:

  • Financials and key KPIs
  • People and training
  • Operations and systems
  • Processes and workflows
  • Markets and sectors
  • Customers
  • Products and services
  • Marketing

Stage 2:

From the strategic visioning key projects are prioritised and scheduled into a 12 month tactical plan forming the core agenda for board meetings.

These are allocated to Directors as “projects leads” and given key objectives, budgets and resources and timeframes encouraging both collaboration and also accountability.

Stage 3:

Progress Marketing help devise a project plan alongside the Director responsible. Measurables, output and KPIs are mapped and monthly progress meeting take place to provide direction and encouragement.

Growth Strategy

Operations and markets

Operational Change

People & processes

Growth Analysis

Three to five year plans

Service Overview

Using a strategic visioning tool to map business growth plans for 3 and 5 year periods is translated into tactical 12 month project plans.

  • Building a strategic growth plan
  • Mapping operational process improvement
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Focused on key financials

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