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Yorkshire Leadership Group masterclass 25th Nov 2020

Building a future-orientated strategy
Zoom – Wednesday 25 November 2020

All organisations are facing a significant level of uncertainty which is likely to continue for several months or years. To help leadership teams cope with this situation, Professor Jeff Gold has developed a mediated Strategic Foresight Laboratory.

Prof Jeff Gold
Much of our uncertainty relates to the term: a VUCA world—a world of volatility, uncertainty,
complexity and ambiguity, and the notion that this world is here to stay. Certainly, the Covid 19
pandemic is resulting in new ways of living and working. Anticipation of the future will play an
important role in the safeguarding and improvement of organisations. Leaders of organisations must
become aware of the key trends and patterns that are having an impact on the direction they are
taking and their assumptions that are preventing progress. They must also engage in foresight
planning so that they can develop futures thinking to adapt their strategy proactively to deal with the
uncertainty of the times.

The session will enable participants to learn about:

• the thinking processes, tools and techniques of Strategic Foresight
• develop a shared view about how their organisation’s future might look, and the key factors
that could influence this
• strengthen their ability to respond to future uncertainty by including Strategic Foresight in
their ongoing strategic management.
• how the findings can be built into the organisation’s strategy and how future-oriented
learning can be sustained.

The speaker
Jeff Gold is Professor of Organisation Learning at York and Leeds Business Schools. He is a
strong advocate of the need for actionable knowledge that is rigorously developed but
relevant for practice. He has designed and delivered a wide range of seminars, programmes
and workshops on culture shift, talent management and development, change, strategic
learning, futures and foresight, management and leadership development with a particular
emphasis on participation and distribution. He has worked closely with organisations such
as Skipton Building Society, Hallmark Cards, the NHS, the Police Service, Leeds Bradford
Boiler Company, Lights4Fun and a host of others.

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