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Announcing the next Yorkshire Leadership Group (2)

The next Yorkshire Leadership Group is going to be 25th September at Rudding Park – Repton Room and the timetable is as follows:

8.15am     Registration, coffee and bacon muffins

8.45am     Facilitated peer group discussion of issues raised by attendees on the day

12.30pm   Buffet lunch

1.30pm     Masterclass with Julia Felton – Leadership – straight from the horses mouth

4.00pm     Close

The cost for the taster is £125+vat and includes all refreshments

For further details and place reservations:

Denis Kaye at Lisa Lister at

Leadership Straight From The Horses’ Mouth!

 With Julia Felton

Business is changing rapidly and we all know that the old styles of leadership will no longer get you where you want to go. But how do you learn these new behaviours to help you lead in the fast-paced, ever-changing world that is the 21st century?

What if a horse could show you a new paradigm? A way of acting and being that will serve you more effectively in the future. After all horses have existed for millions of years and have learnt how to

adapt and become agile to survive in their surroundings. Some might say they have learnt to lead-on-the-hoof.

The challenges the herd face daily mirror some of the challenges that business is facing today. They teach us how to stay grounded and present in times of chaos, and how to summon moment to moment calm, strength, focus, respect, and trust to maintain a mutually safe and beneficial working relationship. They offer immediate feedback about our presence, emotional intelligence, and body language. They model for us how to work as a real team, one where the leadership is shared, where communication is authentic and where the vision is crystal clear. How would you like these traits in your business?

During this practical, interactive masterclass you will have the unique opportunity to work hands on with the horses to receive 100% unbiased instant feedback about your leadership style and the impact you have on others.

  • Are you an inspiring, compelling and motivating leader who people want to follow?
  • Are your behaviours aligned and congruent?
  • Is your communication clear and effective?

And if things are not going as planned then you have an opportunity to re-calibrate

what you’re doing and experience a different result.

There is no horse riding during this masterclass as all sessions are carried out on the ground and it doesn’t matter whether you have any horse experience or not. The opportunity for a breakthrough, whether in your business or personal life, is profound. This event is all about experiential learning, so you will also be participating providing feedback on what you observe.

Some of the outcomes you can expect are:

  • How you need to grow for your business to grow
  • Leading out of your comfort zone
  • How to use your leadership strengths to overcome barriers to success
  • The importance of body language and how to communicate with clarity
  • Creating a collaborative team
  • Negotiating conflict
  • and so much ……….


Julia Felton is a Change Catalyst and the Herd Leader at Business Horse Power Ltd, a company dedicated to supporting businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit to grow and become more productive and profitable. Uniquely, she partners with her herd of horses to help senior executive and business leaders to embed a shared purpose, evolve their leadership capability and empower team members so they can enable sustainable change in the workplace.

 Through experiential workshops, executive coaching and mentoring she encourages business leaders to challenge the status quo and step out of their comfort zone to see things from another perspective. She believes business can be improved through leveraging the wisdom of horses and applying the laws of nature where there is no wasted time, energy and resources.

Julia has a 25-plus year proven track record in business with companies like Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. This extensive background in business enables makes her a master translator when running her workshops with horses as she can easily translate what is happening in the barn back to the boardroom so that clients can readily appreciate the practical application of the business lessons they experience.

Julia is also the creator of the Business-on-the-Hoof Blueprint – a framework for creating an agile, purpose-driven business that can thrive in today’s challenging environment, and that is sustainable and consciously aware of how it impacts society. She is also a sought after international speaker

Julia is also the author of two books: Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives Of Horses Impacts Leadership, Teamwork and Communication and The Alchemy Of Change: Ancient Wisdom Re-Invented To Unlock The Potential Of Leaders and Teams.


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