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3rd July Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group. It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:

8.15 Breakfast

Masterclass from David Thomas “Brain Training”


Peer group issues session

4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

For further details and place reservations:

Denis Kaye at

Lisa Lister at


Grow Your Brain, Grow Your Business with David Thomas

“In a world where traditional production assets are ever more readily accessible, it is intellectual capital that distinguishes competitive companies from non-competitive ones”

Iberdrola Knowledge Management Policy


The evidence it works:

“A Boeing Aircraft engineering manual was condensed into a 25-foot long Mind Map to enable a team of 100 senior aeronautical engineers to learn in a few weeks, what took a few years earlier. In the following year, this resulted in the company netting an estimated saving of $11 million.”

 Part I      Mind Mapping

  • Problems with the way information is ‘traditionally’ presented
  • Mind Mapping rules and practice
  • Computer Mind Mapping
  • How to apply:

–    problem solving, planning

–    decision making, meetings

  • making & taking notes
  • creativity


Part II      Speed Reading

  • Why we read so slowly
  • Tests to find reading speed
  • Techniques to improve
  • How to apply
  • Continual improvement


Part III      Memory Skills

  • How memory works
  • Memory techniques
  • How to remember

– client details

– product features

– names, numbers, stats

– presentations


“Thank you very much for your session that you delivered yesterday. You will be interested to know that most of my members gave you a 10, which means that you were awesome in their minds and I know this doesn’t happen very often! I personally thoroughly enjoyed the session and gave you a 10 as well which I believe is only the second time I have done this in the 14 years I have been working in this business. It would be normal for me to give you some feedback on ideas which would enhance your session, but I am afraid I have none, as it was truly excellent.”

Brian Chernett, Founder, Academy of Chief Executives




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