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25th March 2020 Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group.

It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:
8.15 Breakfast
Masterclass from Martin Sharp “How to create a profit from technology in your business.”
Peer group issues session
4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

Masterclass details:

How to create a profit from technology in your business.”

Confused by current Tech Trends? How to be sure you invest in the right ones for your business and create a profit from technology.

Do you want to have a greater chance of success in your digital journey?
And do you also want to make sure that your digital journey returns a profit? 

Perhaps you find yourself confused by myriad choices and recommendations thus delaying the key investment you need to help your business grow. Maybe your previous investments in technology have not gone well, meaning they didn’t support your business and in many cases, you feel like they are now holding you back. You probably know you need to change, yet there is a lack of clarity as to what change is necessary, causing you to procrastinate and prevaricate.

So imagine that:

✓ You clearly understand what your business needs and can identify the technology and
partners that can get you there, meaning that you see the growth in your business that you
✓ You have set up the measures to ensure that the technology will support the business and
have early indicators to keep it on track, so you have the confidence that you will see a good
return on your investment.
✓ You have absolute clarity as to why the IT changes are necessary, and they support your
business. The reason behind the changes are understood and those involved in the
transformation can see the benefits for themselves personally, for the organisation and
those externally to it such as customers, suppliers, regulators or standards bodies. Your
aspirational plan is formed into a clear digital vision that your organisation can use to reimagine
itself, redefining experiences, opportunities and associations.

According to industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester to survive and thrive in the 21st
century you need to have a digital strategy, have a clear understanding and alignment with that of
your customers. Marin Sharp will provide a powerful and practical method to develop your digital
strategy and meet your clients in their digital transformation. Also, we will be looking at three new
digital technology trends that are impacting massively on every business and strategies you can
employ to capitalise on them.

This session will enable you to:
✓ Identify which areas in your business digital technology could support
✓ Why you should be making the changes and how they align with your business plan
✓ Where best it will support increasing profit or decreasing cost in your business
✓ What the next steps and measures will be to provide the maximum opportunity for success

Martin Sharp
An International Business Transformer; Award-Winning, Speaker & Coach; and author of award
winning books ‘Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful
Change In Complex IT Projects’ and ‘Beat the Statistics: The 9 Skills To Ensure You Survive And
Thrive In Business’.
If you have ever given up on something technically complicated or felt that ‘there must be an easier
way’, then you need to talk to Martin and hear him speak. He consistently brings clarity to the most
complex issues. He has worked in the corporate and entrepreneurial world since 1993 and in his own
consulting firm since 2009, delivering transformational change to clients across a wide range of

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