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20th November Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group.

It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:
8.15 Breakfast
Masterclass from John Hotowka “Present and communicate your message more clearly using metaphor….and magic.”
Peer group issues session
4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

Masterclass details:

Present and Communicate Your Corporate Message More Clearly Using Metaphor… and MAGIC

Business owners and directors are not only strategists and planners they’re also communicators and in this day and age they have to communicate their message in an engaging way.

Stories and metaphors are usually used to help our audiences understand and remember the points to be made. To make a message stick in their hearts and minds sometimes something even more powerful and effective is needed.

Tony Buzan the father of mind-mapping carried out studies and found the use of visual aids generally heightens retention of the spoken word by up to 70%… 70%.

Which is why magic and metaphors are so effective and John’s workshop is so very different to any workshop you’ve experienced before as well as being engaging, fun and challenging.


What you can expect from the masterclass:

Improved communication skills

Improved presentation skills

Improved coaching skills

Improved problem solving skills

Improved delegation skills

Members become more focussed on their business issues and message

Members experience a sense of achievement and they’ll even get a round of applause for it


John Hotowka – Who is he?

John Hotowka is a Bradford boy ‘done’ good. Despite the fact that he has not won an Olympic gold medal, or climbed the south face of Mount Everest in a pedalo, he is still in demand as a speaker and magician. Why? Because he’s observant, insightful and funny.

John is a PSAE (Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence) and a member of the Magic Circle. He’s been entertaining and speaking to corporate audiences since 1989 and has an uncanny knack of immediately engaging and putting an audience at their ease.

John started his career in magic in 1981 and for seven years was an optician by day and magician by night – performing close up magic to the diners in the restaurants of his home town Bradford. He was one of the first close-up magicians to perform magic in restaurants on a residential basis in Europe. Having been made redundant from optics three times in the space of seven years, he decided to take up magic full-time and become a corporate magician. Once again, he was one of the first to do so in the Europe.

Since 1989 he’s travelled the world from Manchester to Milan, Derby to Dubai, Hull to Hamburg and from York to New York performing his magic at corporate and private events.

Now he’s a sought after speaker on the corporate circuit, working with the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers, Hallmark Cards and HSBC, to name but a few. He’s also a popular speaker in education helping young people develop entrepreneurial and life skills.

He specialises in delivering keynote speeches about mindset, change, teambuilding and doing more with less.

Feedback – Phil Jesson, Chairman ACE 42

“John is a communications, change management and teambuilding speaker who uses magic to punctuate the messages he conveys. He appeared on day one of our Annual Retreat and did a great job. He trained the members to plan and deliver a number of tricks, each with an important business message. The session was highly participative and competitive as members wanted to be the best magician in the room!  

For his first ACE outing his 8.2 was well deserved and I can strongly recommend him to your Group.”

What our attendees say about the group:

“Very useful and great to have different insights.”

“Absolutely lovely. Very helpful and full of good ideas. Not one arrogant person in the room, very refreshing.”

“Good group and a great session in the morning. The mix of characters and speakers mean the sessions to date have all been very rewarding.”

For more details contact: Lisa Lister 0787 9820725

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