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Yorkshire Leadership Group 2019/20 season dates

Dates for the Yorkshire Leader Group 2019/20 season are:

20th Nov 2019

22nd Jan 2020

25th March 2020

20th May 2020

1st July 2020

16th Sept 2020

25th Nov 2020

The group will be in Jupiter Room at Rudding Park Hotel (on ground floor).

Contact: Lisa Lister: 0787 9820725

18th Sept Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group.

It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:
8.15 Breakfast
Masterclass from Roger Harrop “WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business.”
Peer group issues session
4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

Masterclass details:

WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business


These really are the most exciting of times for business!

The world of business has changed: nothing is a given any more and the playing fields are being levelled – not only between small and larger organisations, but also internationally..

Winning businesses are those focussed on the new fundamentals – linked to an innate ability to adapt and be fleet of foot facilitated by the ultilisation of the latest technology which is arriving at eye watering speeds.

Recent times have jolted organisations back to the fundamentals. Every business leader – whether they are running a small or large business, service or manufacturing, the professions, not-for-profit, government or NGO needs to understand and then focus mercilessly on the new basics of business, to ensure sustained success.

The role of the successful Leader today has also been redefined – with an ability to spend time in the helicopter whilst  keeping it simple – at the core.

This Masterclass explores those fundamentals of business – any business – and the new role of the business leader whilst keeping it practical and not departing into the realms of complexity and business school speak. It will enable you to embark upon a high level of thinking about the organisation and your pivotal role in it’s new future.

This enlightening and hard hitting Masterclass will take you out of your comfort zone, will make you think and is guaranteed to result in you taking immediate actions for the benefit of your business

For a chat about how it all works please call Lisa Lister 0787 9820725

17th Sept Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group.

It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:
8.15 Breakfast
Masterclass from Michael Dodd on “Great answers to tough questions.”
Peer group issues session
4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

Masterclass details:


This session will equip you to give more powerful, effective and confident answers in all your professional conversations.

You’ll be shown the methodology to enable you to take the answers you give to new levels – whether the questions come from your customers, prospects, journalists, officials, financiers or members of your own team.

Our speaker Michael Dodd is a one-time political, business and foreign correspondent trained in the art of asking what are known in his native Australia as “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions.

Now he’s helping the business world to stand up to such questions.

You’ll come away knowing how to apply the golden formulae to help you deal with challenging questions, tricky questions, nasty questions, emotionally-charged questions and even stupid questions.

You may even, as Denis Kaye said after one of Michael’s previous YLG master classes, leave the session with an enthusiasm for your next difficult encounter with a staff member or customer!

For a chat about how it all works please call Lisa Lister 0787 9820725

Marketing Leadership Group

Following on from the successes of my other 3 Yorkshire Leadership Groups which have been running for 12 years, I am delighted to announce that I will be launching a Marketing Leadership Group in September 2019.


The aim of the group is to share best practice, gain marketing insight, overcome challenges and generally be a peer support group for the local marketing community.


Registration and breakfast 8.45

9-9.30 Industry Insight from Zeal

9.30-11.30 Facilitated peer group discussions – attendees bring their issues/challenges

Date and venue

The Marketing Leadership Group will be held on 12th September from 8.45am-11.30am and will be held at Zeal

Platform, New Station Street, Leeds LS1 4JB


The group is open to all industry sectors and any size company.

The group is open to In-House marketers – no agencies or consultants.

You should be responsible in part or completely for the marketing activities in your company.


The first session on 12th September will be free. If you chose to become a member, future sessions will take place every 2 months.


Please call: 0787 9820725 or email: to register.

2nd July Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group. It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:

8.15 Breakfast

Masterclass from Kirsty Robinson on “Leading a multi-generational workforce into the future.”


Peer group issues session

4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

For further details and place reservations:

Denis Kaye at

Lisa Lister at



How will leading 5 generations impact your business…are you prepared?

There’s an abundance of literature in journals and social media sites on the multi-generational workforce, the generation gap and so forth, with a lot of over-claiming and a lack of good solid evidence to back up such claims.

How is this really going to affect your business now and in the future? And what should businesses be doing right now to prepare?

This is a fun and interactive Masterclass based on a combination of academic research and real examples, through the eyes of an HR Director working within organisations from SME’s through to large Corporates. The session dispels some of the myths associated with leading a multi-generational workforce and identifies the real challenges businesses will face.

Delegates will leave the session with some practical solutions that can be applied to their business now and in the future in order to get the best from their people, whatever their generation.

 About the speaker – Kirsty Robinson

Born and bred in Yorkshire, Kirsty has over 15 years experience working in senior HR roles, including HR Director, within financial services, professional services and the public sector.  Most recently she has set up CutTheMustard HR, a HR consultancy based in York, providing strategic HR support and advice to SME’s across Yorkshire. CutTheMustard HR is on a mission to challenge the perception of HR in the workplace and provides a fresh new approach; one that has proved to deliver significant business results. Kirsty loves any excuse to get on her soap box to discuss all things HR and people related!




3rd July Yorkshire Leadership Group

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group. It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:

8.15 Breakfast

Masterclass from David Thomas “Brain Training”


Peer group issues session

4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

For further details and place reservations:

Denis Kaye at

Lisa Lister at


Grow Your Brain, Grow Your Business with David Thomas

“In a world where traditional production assets are ever more readily accessible, it is intellectual capital that distinguishes competitive companies from non-competitive ones”

Iberdrola Knowledge Management Policy


The evidence it works:

“A Boeing Aircraft engineering manual was condensed into a 25-foot long Mind Map to enable a team of 100 senior aeronautical engineers to learn in a few weeks, what took a few years earlier. In the following year, this resulted in the company netting an estimated saving of $11 million.”

 Part I      Mind Mapping

  • Problems with the way information is ‘traditionally’ presented
  • Mind Mapping rules and practice
  • Computer Mind Mapping
  • How to apply:

–    problem solving, planning

–    decision making, meetings

  • making & taking notes
  • creativity


Part II      Speed Reading

  • Why we read so slowly
  • Tests to find reading speed
  • Techniques to improve
  • How to apply
  • Continual improvement


Part III      Memory Skills

  • How memory works
  • Memory techniques
  • How to remember

– client details

– product features

– names, numbers, stats

– presentations


“Thank you very much for your session that you delivered yesterday. You will be interested to know that most of my members gave you a 10, which means that you were awesome in their minds and I know this doesn’t happen very often! I personally thoroughly enjoyed the session and gave you a 10 as well which I believe is only the second time I have done this in the 14 years I have been working in this business. It would be normal for me to give you some feedback on ideas which would enhance your session, but I am afraid I have none, as it was truly excellent.”

Brian Chernett, Founder, Academy of Chief Executives




27th March 2019 Yorkshire Leadership Group 1

We would love to welcome you to our Yorkshire Leadership Group. It takes place once every 2 months for a day at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel.

The format is as follows:

8.15 Breakfast

Masterclass from Shay McConnon on Engaging Your Workforce (details below)


Peer group issues session

4.30 Close

Taster session available £125+vat

For further details and place reservations:

Denis Kaye at

Lisa Lister at


Morning masterclass:

The How to of Employee Engagement

Grow not only Leaders but Leadership

The greatest source of inefficiency for most organisations lies in working relationships

  • 75+% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues
  • A typical manager loses 25% of his/her day to unnecessary conflict
  • Only 30% of people trust their bosses

Despite billions being spent on leadership, we keep on having the same old costly people problems – conflict, mistrust, low morale and disengagement.

This is an old problem that requires a new approach, a different style of leadership, a culture that breeds openness, trust and engagement.

Shay McConnon will give you practical ways to create the culture of engagement where staff are happy, engaged, well led and productive. He specialises in mind set and behaviour change i.e. bringing about the change rather than talking about it – transformation rather than information.

The business case for employee engagement has been made, but people struggle to create it. Shay will share with you his approach for a multi-generational workplace. He will give you practical examples and tools you can use immediately to engage your staff and get them taking ownership for their issues. Shay gives you not only the Why and the What, but the How to for creating the workplace of the future, now.

Learn how to embed the What am I going to do? not What is management going to do? mind-set and the difference this has made to the culture of Siemens, Qatar Airways, CERN, Heineken, Environment Agency and others.

This practical, hands-on session will enable you to achieve

  • Higher levels of staff engagement
  • More ownership from everyone
  • Happier, more productive people
  • Reduced absenteeism and attrition
  • Higher profitability

Best of all, this change is driven by individuals, not management. It will equip your people to manage their working relationships and to make their place of work an even better place to work.

Shay McConnon

Shay McConnon is a psychologist, an author and the founder of McConnon International. With 5 regional offices and over 50 consultants, McConnon International offers global delivery of some unique leadership, engagement and culture solutions.

McConnon international is best known for its highly acclaimed An Even Better Place to Work, an employee engagement solution which has transformed teams in organisations like Siemens, Emirates, Yorkshire Water, the NHS and other leading organisations in Europe and the USA.

Because of his innovative work on engagement, Shay has been invited to be a member of the government backed task force on Employee Engagement, headed up by David McLeod.

Shay is a regular speaker at conferences, is a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and has recently been awarded top speaker by the Academy of Chief Executives.

He is a member of the Magic Circle and he uses magic to illustrate his key messages in a fun and memorable way.

“One of the most motivational, educational and moving keynote addresses we have ever heard- it was also the funniest by far” NACGT Conference organiser.

Lauren Holden
Why You Should Learn to Shout About Your Business Online

Being your own boss can bring plenty of benefits, with the chance to set your own hours being just one. But in every company, there’s always something which remains at the very bottom of the pile – and during my 12 years writing content for fellow businesses, I’ve realised that the ability to ‘shout about yourself’ online is amongst my clients’ biggest concerns.

If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of self-promotion myself; it’s for that reason, that I’ve even hired the help of a fellow copywriter to publish some of my social media ads. The fact is, while we often enjoy talking about ourselves – at least to our friends, family and clients – few of us like to do so publicly.

But it’s something I’ve learned to get a bit better at – and you should, too. So, what can you do? You can start by writing a case study and publishing it on your blog. This is a relatively simple task to begin with, since you’re not really talking about yourself but putting into words a project you’ve completed for someone else.

What is a case study?

Simply put, a case study details what you’ve done for your client, any challenges you may have faced – and the outcome.

So, perhaps you’re a furniture company who’s been tasked to create a bespoke line of sofas for, say, a restaurant. In order to sell your services and those of the business you’ve worked with, you could add a few lines about the project itself, some ‘before and after’ pictures and a testimonial from your client.

Then, you’ll want to publish it on your site and push it out on your social media channels. You could also create a press release from your case study, sending it to key media contacts at relevant newspapers. Start with your local papers and then look for industry-specific titles. For example, the sofa firm might approach a furniture magazine, or even a publication which features products made by hand.

What will you gain from writing a press release?

You’re probably wondering why you should write a case study – and there are plenty of reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Providing you populate your case study with relevant key words, once you publish it online it should help boost your Google ranking by improving the SEO (search engine optimisation) on your website
  2. It creates brand awareness; by sharing your case study with your social media followers, you’ll be letting people in on the products and services you can offer them
  3. It helps you build your brand ‘story’, by allowing people to get a glimpse of how you operate
  4. It builds client trust; if people can see the great results you’ve achieved for others, they’ll be more likely to come to you when they need you to undertake a similar project
  5. It can give you the edge over competitors.

Here at Progress Marketing, we’re offering a brand-new case study and press release writing service to our clients. So, if you do feel you could benefit from a hand, please do get in touch as we’d love to chat through your requirements.

Contact Lisa Lister to chat about how we could help on 0787 9820725

Yorkshire Lawyer Leadership Group – Small Legal Practice Forum

Announcing the launch of the new group for small law firms and sole practitioners.

The Yorkshire Lawyer Leadership Group is an independent leadership development forum for legal businesses based in Yorkshire.

Tim Stone, 3volutionI would recommend the group to prospective members because it’s very helpful to be able to discuss issues with peers.’

Following on from the success of the Yorkshire Lawyer Leadership Group (which has been running for 8 years), Lisa Lister (Progress Marketing Ltd) is delighted to be joined by Ann Page (Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers) to launch a second group aimed specifically at the small legal practices and sole practitioners sector.

This new Forum includes small firms, sole practitioners, (who work on their own or run a small practice) and consultant solicitors who may be attached to a virtual or ‘real’ firm.

Its focus is to provide leadership support in a confidential arena where like-minded lawyers can discuss with others the challenges of running a legal practice.

Michelle Hazlewood, JG&P Solicitors ‘I enjoy attending the group because of the insightful discussions on relevant topics. It provides an opportunity to have open communication within a direct and relevant peer group.’

Zoe Robinson, Raworths Solicitors‘ It is an opportunity to share and discuss problems in a safe forum and learn about topical issues/trends. It can be reassuring to find that others experience similar problems and hear how they deal with these issues.’

The format is 8-11am and includes breakfast and informal networking followed by facilitated discussions on issues and challenges raised by group members.

Members will feel supported and able to sense check their ideas based on other peoples experiences and grow their legal practices using peer group feedback.

There will also be opportunities to provide business referrals to members within the Forum.

The Forum will be chaired by Lisa and Ann and will meet 6 times a year at Carrwood Park, Swillington Common Farm, Selby Road Leeds LS15 4LG

The dates are as follows:

  1. 3rd October 2018
  2. 21st November 2018
  3. 23rd January 2019
  4. 13th March 2019
  5. 22nd May 2019
  6. 10th July 2019

The cost for the first session is £150+vat which would then be deducted from the annual £895+vat membership should you chose to join. We look forward to welcoming you to the Forum

To register your interest in attending the first session on 3rd October please contact Lisa Lisa on 0787 9820725 or email:

PM Forum
Resilience: How to thrive at work in the 21st Century

The Yorkshire PM Forum was delighted to welcome Nick Girling from NGA Ltd to talk about resilience and poor mental health in the workplace. The event was hosted by Lupton Fawcett Solicitors, who looked after us wonderfully as always.

The Thriving at Work report, published in 2017, puts the annual cost to the UK economy of poor mental health at up to £99bn, of which about £42bn is borne by employers. The authors were shocked to find the number of people forced to stop work as a result of mental health problems was 50% higher than for those with physical health conditions.

Nick covered three important areas:

  • Don’t wish for more time, wish for more skills
  • Managing your DSDE patterns (Device, Sleep, Diet & Exercise
  • Emotional resilience

I wanted to thank Nick personally for a thought provoking session and would recommend him to work within your businesses helping the senior management team to set a framework to enable all emplyees to thrive in the workplace and achieve a sustainable work life balance.

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